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Tax & IRS Dispute Resolution

Tax & IRS Dispute Resolution


Specialized Services


·         Tax Planning and Compliance 

Broad-based expertise to ensure the most thorough and beneficial tax planning & compliance services.


·         Tax Consulting

Tailor each project to each client, capitalizing on opportunities and ensuring the right questions are asked.


·         Tax Provision

Estimating the total tax liability, providing an accurate forecast for financial reporting.

·         Cost Segregation

Identifying assets and their costs, and classifying those assets for federal tax purpose.

·         Tax Credits

Helping you navigate both federal and state tax credits that can potentially reduce your tax bill.

·         IRS Dispute Resolution


We assist with the IRS Dispute Resolution process.



LEK Expertise



We offer the thoughtful, detailed strategies you need to maximize tax benefits, and minimize liabilities.  Our approach to providing tax services-including tax compliance and tax planning is hands-on. At PAAG, we do more than just prepare tax returns behind the scenes at the end of the year. We listen, ask questions and invest the time required to understand your business-throughout the year.